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composer . arranger . guitar player . vocalist . producer

Yoni Vidal biography

Spaniard, Yoni Vidal Vaz is born on May 28, 1968.
Early on, he is attracted by music. At the age of 13 he start the learning of guitar. At 23, after completing his musical studies in classical and jazz, at the academy and conservatorium of Liège and Luxemburg, he began a career as a professional musician. At 24, he fly to Asia where he'll become guitarist of Matador (Spanish band) for 5 years playing all around Asia. He discovered other sounds, other instruments, other people, other musicians and other cultures. At the Singapore "Midem" in June 1994, he do a short collaboration with ASIA BEAT for the show case of the album "Monsoon". The collaboration continues 2 years later when Lewis Pragasam, founder of the band, ask him to record guitars in their new album.
After this great experience, he start to compose music that will be the beginnings of he's first Cd "Spice Road".

His job and his passion for travels bring him all around the world, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Gabon, Maldives, Bali, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines but also in California, Nevada, New Jersey, Quebec ...
  After visiting so many countries, he start the recording of his CD "Spice Road". A blend of Spanish guitar, spanish sounds blended with music and sounds from those asian countries that were part of the ancient trade spice road.
"Spice Road" is not yet finished but Yoni is invited to play some of his compositions for the millennium party in Singapore with the Singapore's Philharmonic Orchestra.
   After 5 years, 35 musicians from all countries, back and forth between Belgium and Singapore, but exciting and endless hours of recording here and there, the album "Spice Road" is done.

"Spice Road" will also become a great and successful show with seven musicians, the essences of peppermint, ylang ylang and a stage respecting the rules of Fen Shui.

  Meanwhile, he continues to work the guitar, the composition, the singing but also the production. He worked for three seasons on a television show of RTBF (convivial pursuite).
He's on tour all around Europe. He plays for several singers and groups.
  He's part of a lot of recordings for other producers and other artists, he compose music for movies, radio, theater...
Yoni plays also in many events such prestigious as the one organized by the Franck Muller watches in Hong Kong and Singapore, the grand opening of "Gucci Building" in Taiwan, the opening of the Hilton resort in Maldives and the 10th anniversary of the Hilton Colombo Sri Lanka (with Matador), the world best chef contest in Singapore (sponsored by Singapore airlines), the Latin music festival of Singapore, the new Audi A6 and A8 in Madrid, world presentation of the new Porsche 911 in Sitges, Spain, the new Hall 4 of Dusseldorf airport, Germany, for Bessix, for the "musée Magritte", dinner in the sky, Thalys 15 years, IBA, ING bank in Belgium and many more…
During the past five years he also worked for the realization of his new lounge album. Chill Out My Wave is released in september 2011.

Defining the sounds of CHILL OUT MY WAVE though challenging, may best be achieved by mentally picturing the palette of Vincent van Gough: a wide array of many colors, some vibrant with others pastel with the whole achieving a sense of true completion.
Chill Out My Wave t's also a great lounge concert with other 3 great musicians.