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composer . arranger . guitar player . vocalist . producer

Timeless music and sounds that elevate us from the ordinary.

Defining the sounds of CHILL OUT MY WAVE though challenging, may best be achieved by mentally picturing the palette of Vincent van Gogh: a wide array of many colors, some vibrant with others pastel with the whole achieving a sense of true completion.
With the composer’s perfect blending of Spanish guitar, timeless Buddhist thoughts, flamenco singers, soft rhythms, all enriched by ethereal electronic sounds (created by Yoni Vidal), the true meaning of relaxation is experienced: ‘a form of activity that provides a change and relief from effort, work, or tension, and gives pleasure’.
With the support of his  musicians, Yoni has created something impressive in melodic and rythmic versatility.

The show 
CHILL OUT MY WAVE offers 3 possibilities for events or concerts:
-Yoni playing solo over the sequences.  -With his quartet: complete formula with drum, bass and keyboard.
-With quartet+ guest: Any kind of guest musician can joint 
CHILL OUT MY WAVE. Trumpet, vibraphone, sax... 
To get a lasting impression of the new sounds of the artist Yoni Vidal everybody is invited to have a look at the following videos:

For true musicologists, the composer Yoni Vidal has provided on his Facebook page personal insights into the circumstances and events that influenced or inspired each of the songs on this album.

Esperanza (©Yoni Vidal)

Brazilian flower girl (©Yoni Vidal)

Lady (©Mojo)

Orchard lights (©Yoni Vidal)